Our List of Services

Our Travel Consultants are all fully trained in providing the following services:

Uganda has a wide a variety of wildlife in 10 different national parks and reserves with different species like the mountain gorilla, golden monkeys, the chimpanzees and lion’s giraffes, zebras and many others found in the parks and you can book your safari based on the number of days you’re interested in.

Uganda in Africa is the number one primate capital and has about 19 different families in Bwindi impenetrable national park in different trekking points and also a family in Mgahinga National Park you can book your gorilla safari with us and we shall give you the best experience of your safari in Uganda with professional English speaking tour guide and a pop up roof van or land cruiser.

Uganda is quite diverse with cultures about 56 tribes and cultures in there with different languages, beliefs and norms yet mix up easily with each other. Uganda has the hospitable, peaceful and amazing culture with different traditions for example the cultural marriage and cultural practices like embalo dance for the gushi tribe in eastern Uganda and many other tribes in Uganda with different practices.

We offer and hire out fleet based on your interest and price ranges from luxury, mid-range, and budget plus an English-speaking experience driver and guide.

We as a company help you book air tickets based on destinations of interest and we offer you very great prices.

We offer chimp trekking safaris to the most beautiful and amazing chimp capitals Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park where you get the greatest memories of all times with the chimps you can do chimp trekking or chimp habitation based on the number of days of your interest.

As Jamie Jungle Safaris we offer affordable camping gear and camp rental space to budget clients and those interested in camp.

Uganda’s capital city is Kampala and we offer great prices to reach you to the best of Kampala. Kampala is a capital full of life with clubs, casinos, churches, business centers, shopping centers and many others. Kampala is a city built on seven hills where you get to see Kampala shine brighter and beautiful at night.

We organize big group safaris to different parts of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. We give the best experience of all time and offer you tailored made trips or personal and group scheduled safaris to different destinations of interest.

Church mission support to growing churches and partnerships in mbale and Kampala. Uganda is the most amazing country when it comes to worship and experiencing the of God and seeing people worship God the hunger and love for God is real bit in towns, villages , slams, and many other city out shirks but we have one problem we need financial support for the local ministries to grow and even reach out the ends of the earth and they only way we can do that is getting support to give a hand for ministry through partnerships, donations, and helping them buy land and build church facilities and even share your experiences of worship, pastoring and band training sessions, discipleship and impacting communities through the generous giving and through Jamie Jungle Safaris we can reach you to the ends of the earth by organizing and scheduling your travel as you give greatly of your time to serve and finance the projects to community coz that’s what God wants us to do.

Uganda has the most amazing yet beautiful communities that are hospitable yet humble we as Jamie Jungle Safaris offer community safaris trips to experience our communities and see how our communities and how people live and stay in a day to life you can book a safaris based on your interest whether you do a community project like establishment of water projects for local communities or create new creative activities that can generate income to equip our local communities.

We give you the greatest experience of crazy aggressive rapids of the Nile with different stages and have fun with the Nile river at Jamie Jungle Safaris we offer great prices to experience the great rafting experience on the Nile.

As a company we book boat cruises based on the number of groups or persons and based on the destination of interest.

We offer fundraising trips to Uganda to local projects like local health center construction funds to build state of the art hospitals in communities to up the health care in Uganda. Funds also towards school building projects to improve on the school facilities and also buy land for the local’s firms and churches that are struggling. Investing in hand skills like tailoring projects, beading projects, shoe making projects and many others.

We offer medical camp trips with a team of medical professional for medical camp on different checks like dental, malaria, HIV/AIDS, supply of condoms, pads, and sensation about health and eating health in communities, hospital building for children and pregnant mothers in communities.

Uganda has the fastest growing youthful generation interested in music the passion is still at hype and we believe that at Jamie Jungle Safaris we make you a great trip to experience these youth yarning to learn from your experience of great journey musicianship and to learn from your experience and growth through a creative week and get to learn the culture and history of African music in these passionate youth.

At Jamie Jungle Safaris we believe that our next generation is in our giving hands to building primary schools, high schools, universities, vocational schools and impacting communities of venerable children woman who can’t afford the luxury. We offer trips to Uganda to support the education system in our rural parts of the country to help setup and build great infrastructure to help the facilitate the needs of the children in their schools and we believe your sacrifice can change a life of 1000s in Uganda and put a smile on parent’s teacher’s leaders and natives of these communities.

As Jamie Jungle Safaris we offer school trips to different destinations in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. We offer trips like zoo trips like behind the scenes tours, cruises, Dubai trips, many others.

We offer photographic and filming safaris to different destinations in the national parks with professional photographers and English-speaking drivers and also host filming groups based on interests.

Boda boda is the commonest and fastest means of transport in Uganda whether the jam is crazy or not you still get anywhere on time and you can have a great tour of the city in just 5 hours and you’re at every point of every city point that you want to see. The business centers, the 7hills, the entertainment centers and churches around Kampala.

We as Jamie Jungle Safaris give you the best experience of our African meals mostly Ugandan foods like matooke and malewa, beans rice, the luwobwo which is with either chicken or beef cooked in green banana leaves and matooke or different and many other meals you can enjoy while on your trip in Uganda.

We organize honeymoon holidays to Zanzibar, Kenya, Dubai, all different Ugandan national parks and different destinations and accommodation around Africa we offer the best prices, memorable experiences and customer care to our clients to their honeymoon.

Uganda is a place where shopping is really cheap and mostly for arts and crafts, clothing gifts for family member and friends for Christmas.

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