Covid 19

Covid 19

Covid 19 Updates

Covid Restrictions

The MoH has suspended the requirement for a 72-hour negative PCR test certificate for all incoming and outbound travelers fully vaccinated unless it is a requirement of the destination country or the carrier airline. No mandatory testing on arrival is required.

New Travel Restrictions

The new Ministry of Health directive (April 26, 2022) has the following travel restrictions lifted:

  • Mandatory covid testing on arrival was suspended since February 16, 2022, and it still holds.
  • All inbound and outbound travelers will be required to show proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination, except for travelers aged five years and below.
  • The requirement for a negative PCR test done 72 hours pre-boarding for all incoming and outbound travelers is suspended for those fully vaccinated.
  • There is an exception for outbound if it is a requirement of the destination country or the carrier airline.
  • Travelers with partial or no vaccination will be required to present a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of travel, except travelers below five years.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals will NOT be required to wear face masks when outdoors, provided there are NO crowds.
  • Wearing a facemask when one is indoors or in closed spaces like public transport, shops, schools, and office where 2 meters distance can’t be observed with other individuals, is required whether one is vaccinated or not.
  • The Vulnerable or high-risk population, i.e., elderly aged 50 years and above and people living with co-morbidities irrespective of age, are advised to wear a facemask at all times whether they are vaccinated.
  • Mandatory screening of visitors for Covid symptoms like temperature and colds will till continue to identify COVID carriers.
  • You will be required to wear a facemask and keep a ten-meter distance when viewing the great apes in Uganda’s rainforests.
  • All Uganda visas are processed online at No visa processing at entry points. You’ll need a six months valid passport and yellow fever vaccination certificate to be allowed entry.